Euro 2024: All VAR Decisions to be Explained On-Field and On-Screen

During Euro 2024, all VAR decisions will be explained in real-time to both the stadium audience and viewers at home, enhancing transparency and understanding of refereeing decisions.

All refereeing decisions made with the assistance of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) will be explained in real-time to both the stadium audience and viewers at home during Euro 2024 in Germany (June 14 - July 14), UEFA's chief refereeing officer, Roberto Rosetti, announced on Wednesday.

During a press conference to introduce the refereeing system for the continental tournament, Rosetti said that all situations involving VAR intervention will be broadcast in the stadium.

"After the video review, the technical explanation of the decision will be broadcast on the stadium's giant screens," he added. "For example: Penalty, due to handball. Player number 9 from Germany touched the ball with his left hand, which was in an unnatural position above his shoulder, and he enlarged his body."

The same technical announcement will be available to match commentators so they can explain it to viewers.

During the 2023 Women's World Cup, referees announced their decisions to the public verbally before resuming play.

Rosetti continued: "I believe that VAR is a great tool and that we will not go back," explaining that the goal is to "reduce the number of VAR interventions, but if there is a clear image that can prove a clear error, we can thank VAR."

On the other hand, Rosetti reiterated that the only dialogue allowed to explain decisions will be between the referee and the team captain.

Any player who disputes a decision or requests an explanation will be cautioned with a yellow card.

This rule was applied in the finals of the three continental competitions, with two yellow cards in the Champions League final, two in the Europa League final, and one yellow card in the Conference League final.

"We are doing this for future generations; we are not doing it for the referees, but for football and the image of the game, for young players and young referees," he said, calling on players to avoid any protests and let the captain discuss with the referee.

For teams whose goalkeeper is the captain (Italy and Slovenia), a player will be designated before the match to represent the goalkeeper during the match.



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