Fans of Major European Team Dislocate Journalist's Shoulder at Euro 2024

A Portuguese journalist was injured in an altercation with football fans outside the Portuguese national team's hotel, resulting in a dislocated shoulder.

A Portuguese journalist, Nuno Pereira, was injured in an altercation with football fans outside the hotel where the Portuguese national team is staying in Leipzig, Germany. The incident occurred on Monday evening, ahead of Portugal's Euro 2024 opening match against the Czech Republic.

Video footage shows Pereira, who works for the Portuguese television network SIC, being forcefully pushed by fans and colliding with a pole. The reason for the altercation remains unclear.

According to SIC, Pereira suffered a dislocated shoulder and was taken to the hospital, but surgery may not be necessary.

Police stated, "According to the information we have so far, several people were in front of the hotel as the Portuguese national team bus was about to leave for the final training session at the Leipzig stadium." They added, "It is said that an altercation took place behind a fence between several people, including Portuguese journalists. One of them was taken to the hospital. Those involved in the altercation are unknown."

SIC denied "any suggestion" that the journalist had behaved aggressively, adding, "What happened was quite the opposite, and there were serious consequences for the person who did his job."

Following the incident, organizers and the Portuguese Football Federation decided that "in the future, journalists should be kept away from fans and work within the area designated for players and tournament organization," as reported by SIC.



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