Huge Financial Rewards for Euro 2024 National Teams: From the First Round to the Final

UEFA has allocated substantial prize money for the participating teams in Euro 2024, ranging from the first round to the final.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has allocated significant financial rewards for the national teams participating in the 2024 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2024), scheduled to take place from June 14th to July 14th, with the participation of 24 teams.

The total prize money amounts to 331 million euros, distributed among the participants from the first round to the final.

The winner of the tournament will receive 28.25 million euros if they win all the matches they play, while UEFA grants each participating team 9.25 million euros, and the amount increases according to the results as follows:

List of Euro 2024 Prizes: Participation bonus: 9.25 million euros Win bonus: 1 million euros Draw bonus: 500,000 euros Round of 16 qualification prize: 1.5 million euros Quarter-final qualification prize: 2.5 million euros Semi-final qualification prize: 4 million euros Finalist (runner-up) prize: 5 million euros Champion prize: 8 million euros.



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