Jorginho: I Never Doubted My Euro 2024 Call-Up

Italian midfielder Jorginho reveals he never worried about being left out of Italy's Euro 2024 squad, emphasizing his confidence and commitment to the team.

Italian national team midfielder Jorginho admitted that he never worried about not being included in the Azzurri squad for Euro 2024.

Jorginho is preparing to participate in the continental tournament with the Italian national team, having played in the two friendly matches against Turkey and Bosnia.

In an extensive interview with the Italian website "Tutto Mercato Web," the Brazilian-born star was asked if he had any concerns about being left out of the Azzurri squad.

Jorginho replied, "No. Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind."

The player, who obtained Italian citizenship after moving to play professionally in Italy at the age of 15, added, "I always believe in what I do, and I know my worth."

Jorginho continued, "I needed the opportunity, and I worked hard to get it. If you work hard and prioritize the group and the team, positive things will happen to you."

Jorginho was asked about the difference between the current Italian national team and the one with which he won the Euro 2020 title at Wembley Stadium in London.

The 32-year-old explained, "This is a group of players who love to mature, learn, and develop daily, and I think that's extremely important."

Jorginho continued, "So, there are some similarities (between the two teams), and the playing philosophy is similar too. We always try to dominate the game and keep possession because the coach asks us to do so."



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