Kevin De Bruyne Open to Move to Saudi League

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City's star midfielder, hints at a possible move to the Saudi Pro League at the end of his contract, citing lucrative salaries and the desire for a new challenge as factors..

Kevin De Bruyne has opened the door to a potential move to the Saudi Pro League when his contract with Manchester City expires.

The Belgian player has one year left on his contract with the English club, and he confirmed that he is discussing his future and next destination with his wife, Michele.

The 32-year-old player is inclined to accept a lucrative financial offer in the later stages of his football career.

De Bruyne told the Belgian newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws": "I'm discussing it with my family. I have one year left on my current contract, so I have to think about what will happen."

He added: "My eldest son is 8 years old and knows nothing but England. He asks me how long I will play for City. At some point, I have to deal with it in a certain way."

He continued: "A player my age should be open to anything. The salaries are incredible, and my career is nearing its end. Sometimes you have to think that way."

Kevin De Bruyne concluded his statements: "If I play there for two seasons, I'll be able to get a huge amount of money."

De Bruyne joined Manchester City in the summer of 2015 and has won 15 titles with the team.



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