Lahm Refuses to Travel by Helicopter at Euro 2024 Like Beckenbauer!

Philipp Lahm, the president of the organizing committee for Euro 2024, will not be traveling by helicopter to matches like Franz Beckenbauer did during the 2006 World Cup.

Philipp Lahm and the late German legend Franz Beckenbauer share the distinction of having captained the German national team to World Cup victory before each assuming the presidency of the organizing committee for a major tournament hosted by Germany. However, this does not mean that they will occupy their latter position in the same manner.

Lahm, the president of the organizing committee for the European Football Championship (Euro 2024), stated that he will not be taking a helicopter to attend almost every match, as Beckenbauer did during his presidency of the organizing committee for the World Cup, which the country hosted in 2006.

"Franz Beckenbauer was celebrated for watching almost every match in the World Cup, sometimes only watching one half, and then going by helicopter to the next stadium," said Lahm, 40. "But times change, and everyone has to adapt to that."

Sustainability has played a major role "from the beginning" in the upcoming European Championship, and therefore Lahm, the 2014 World Cup winner, said he will use other means of transportation, even if it means he will not be able to watch as many matches as Beckenbauer, who captained the German team that won the 1974 World Cup.

Beckenbauer passed away last January at the age of 78.

"There is a sustainability strategy, and it would be inappropriate for the tournament director to travel from place to place by helicopter," Lahm added.

"I will make these trips by train and watch as many matches as possible," he explained, to achieve a modest goal of reaching all ten stadiums during the group stage.

Beckenbauer played a key role in Germany winning the right to host the World Cup under his presidency of the bid, while Lahm was an important ambassador for the European Championship, having been appointed tournament director in 2020, two years after Germany was awarded the right to host the tournament.



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