Terzic and Hummels Clash Intensely Days Before Champions League Final

Borussia Dortmund's Champions League final was marred by a bitter internal conflict between coach Edin Terzic and defender Mats Hummels over tactical disagreements.

It has been revealed that Borussia Dortmund entered the dream Champions League final with a bitter internal crisis involving Mats Hummels, the defensive rock, and Edin Terzic, the head coach.

Terzic, whose contract was terminated in recent days, did not have a good relationship with several of the team's stars, most notably Marco Reus.

The latest crisis, which erupted between Terzic and Hummels, stemmed from statements made by the latter to the German magazine "Bild".

The 35-year-old had criticized Terzic's approach, especially in important matches, where he tends to retreat defensively and close spaces.

"From my point of view, Borussia Dortmund should not play that way against any opponent in the world," said the number 15 shirt wearer.

Hummels continued, "I felt insulted to my honor standing on the field wearing the logo. We were too submissive and inferior to the opponent by football standards... We were defending with 11 men in the penalty area."

Reports cited by the British newspaper "Daily Mail" confirm that the interview angered Terzic, who had a "violent confrontation" with the star.

The altercation occurred just four days before the Champions League final, which Borussia Dortmund lost 2-0 to Real Madrid.



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